About Company

The design and construction company «Descon» actively implements the latest technologies of post-tensioned monolithic concrete available in the international construction market. We do carry out a complete spectrum of works, including designing, supply and mounting of tensioning systems in various construction objects: in civil construction and also in construction of bridges, tunnels, stadiums, parks, siloses and many other specialized structures. The implemented technology allows to achieve improved parameters in construction of buildings and structures as well as make substantial savings on construction time and applied building materials.
The application of post-tensioning system is unique in each single case and it does require a professional approach. Our professionals are Post Tensioning Institute certified specialists having proficiency in implementation of post-tensioning technology in practice. Due to well-established international cooperation with specialized design and construction organizations, we are capable of providing the most effective and economic solutions of tensioning systems with or without option of coupling.
We do render a complete range of services, including consultations, design, supply, chief assembling supervision and technical supervision. The economic efficiency of application of tensioning systems on the client’s building site is estimated during the consultation stage. Thereafter we do designing of the construction of post-tensioned reinforced concrete in accordance with the accepted building standards (Euro Code (EC2) and SniP/SP) and supply the tensioning system to the building site. The system assembly performs our specialists or we do provide chief assembling supervision conducting the assembling process. Furthermore, the implementation of post-tensioned reinforced concrete system is accompanied by our technical supervision being provided on every single construction object.
Geographically our activities are constantly expanding. At the present time our company has implemented a substantial number of construction objects in the Baltic States, Norway, Sweden, Russia and CIS (Commonwealth of Indipendent States).