The technology of post-tensioned reinforced concrete has great potential in the construction markets of Europe, Russia and CIS. There is a suffciently small number of specialized companies in these regions being capable of completely implementing complex building projects by application of tensioned reinforced concrete constructions. In this regard the company “Descon” develops a strategy determining systematic expansion of its activities in the above-mentioned regions in order to render high quality construction services by application of tensioning systems.
Having established cooperation with consulting firms and suppliers of post-tensioning systems in the U.S.A., Europe and Russia, our company is capable of implementing large-scale projects by application of tensioned reinforced concrete. This technology, being successfully used in the U.S.A. in the past decades, has proven its efficiency and profitability. The application of post-tensiosing technology enables to significantly reduce total construction costs and achieve improved performance in construction of any civil and industrial projects.
In our work we aim at:

  • rendering competent consulting services enabling to evaluate profitability of implementation of tensioning systems;
  • providing efficient design solutions enhancing operational capacity of the building project under construction for optimal use of resources;
  • supplying quality systems of post-tensioned reinforced concrete – with or without coupling according to the project documentation;
  • providing assembly of post-tensioning systems according to the building standards and design solution;
  • providing technical supervision of application of tensioning systems in every single building project.