“Descon” – is an international design and construction company. The favourable geographical location and established international cooperation allow us performing a complete range of works related to the implementation of post-tensioned concrete technology. We are constantly enriching our experience and striving to extend our activities in even larger geographical scale.
We do render construction services, including consultations, design, supply, assembly and technical supervision in work with post-tensioning systems. The technology being offered is innovative, however, it has proven its economical and technological efficiency providing beneficial architectural solutions in construction of any kind of objects. The work with tensioning systems is regulated by numerous standards, including Euro Code (EC2) and SNiP/SP. These particular regulations are mandatory in designing and installation of tensioning systems.
Our company employs qualified specialists regularly attending seminars and training to improve professional skills. Thus, our company takes the leading position by actively applying latest achievements in the field of construction technology.
If you are planning construction of economically advantageous project and seeking for the most favourable architectural solutions for your project, do consider the application of post-tensioned concrete technology! Please do write or call us and we will be glad to arrange the first consultation where will it be possible to make the initial feasibility analysis of technology application in your selected project. By choosing the application of post-tensioning technology, you will save on construction costs and reduce construction time. Moreover, it significantly extends the architectural solutions being inherited in the project, as the application of tensioned constructions gives greater freedom in design of buildings and structures.