System installation works

Assembly of tensioning system – it is a responsibility that cannot be carried out without a special training.
Specialists being employed by the company “Descon” have the necessary qualifications and experience required for carrying out a full range of installation and assembling works of the tensioning system directly on the building object. In addition, our staff strictly follows the approved schedule of constructions works and do not allow any violation of the building standards (Euro Code (EC2) and/or SNiP/SP2) being set in the project.
However, might the work with post-tensioned concrete systems be a common practice for you, we do offer a chief assembling supervision of the tensioning systems to be installed. In this case the presence of our specialist on the building site must also be provided because of his responsibility to give the necessary recommendations and do the technical supervision of the whole construction process in accordance with the approved project and general rules of construction works.
When assembling post-tensioning systems, the following works are carried out:

  • installation of anchor system,
  • laying out of tendons and fastening with anchors,
  • inspection of the installed system before pouring concrete,
  • stretching (tensioning) tendons after concrete has reached the required strength (hardness),
  • finishing works by injecting the mortar and sealing the pockets,
  • preparation of reporting and executive documents of assembly and tensioning works of the system.