Post-Tensioning advantages

The main advantages of pre-tensioning technologies being performed by stretching (tensioning) reinforcement in the concrete (post-tensioning) are the following:

  • substantial cost savings on materials (concrete up to 25% and reinforcement – up to 70%);
  • reduction of the overall height of the building due to the reduced thickness of floor slabs without changing a storey height;
  • thinner floor slabs reduce the load on foundation;
  • extended length of the spans with thinner floor slabs give greater freedom in development of architectural and engineering solutions;
  • monolithic structural integrity in comparison with a prefabricated structural solution;
  • application of the stressed tendons allows reaching vertical load balance and reducing overall vertical deformation of slabs;
  • substantially reduced weight of the structure which is especially important for building construction in areas of high seismic activity.

In addition, the application of post-tensioning of reinforced concrete constructions allows:

  • achieving an exceptional design flexibility and enhancing esthetics of the structure;
  • achieving an increased resistance and stability of the structure;
  • reducing construction time efficiently;
  • designing sustainable constructions requiring minimal maintanance.

All the above-mentioned advantages you can realize with the help of our specialists being involved in design stage and tensioning works of reinforcement on site.